What is Colostrum

Bovine colostrum, also known as "life's first food" is a milky fluid produced by mammalian mothers in the first few days after birth. Bovine colostrum appears before a mammalian mother's true milk. It supports healthy growth and development in newborns. Bovine colostrum also supports a healthy gastrointestinal (GI) tract and has been shown to help heal leaky gut, a primary cause of autoimmune disease. Our Colostrum comes from only the first milk (12 hours after calving) provided by selected breeders, from a carefully selected cattle breeds that are properly fed and maintained in accordance with European regulations on animal welfare.

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Colostrum Components

  1. Immunoglobulins : The immunoglobulins present in colostrum invoke antimicrobial activity by forming a chelated complex with bacterial and viral antigens;
  2. Cytokines: These are proteins that have an effect on growth, proliferation and stimulation of cells involved in the immune response;
  3. Lactoferrin: It is involved in the regulation of intestinal iron absorption, antimicrobial properties and anticarcinogenic properties;
  4. Lysozyme: This is an antibacterial enzyme which supports the immune system;
  5. Lactoalbumins: It is essential for growth and development;
  6. Lactoperoxidases: These are the main antibacterial enzyme in bovine colostrum;
  7. Protein-rich peptides: These impact the initiation and balance the immune response;
  8. Growth factors; and
  9. Vitamins and minerals.

The immunoglobulins present in colostrum invoke antimicrobial activity by forming a chelated complex with bacterial and viral antigens.

It has been reported that constituents from bovine colostrum are 100-fold to 1000-fold more potent than human colostrum.

Colostrum contains high levels of natural antibodies and proline-rich polypeptides that support the immune system. They act as modulators that help return the immune system to a state of balance.


The efficacy of a 2-month treatment with oral colostrum in the prevention of flu episodes compared with anti- influenza vaccination was evaluated. Groups included healthy subjects without prophylaxis and those receiving both vaccination and colostrum. After 3 months of follow- up, the number of days with flu was 3 times higher in the non-colostrum subjects. The colostrum group had 13 episodes versus 14 in the colostrum + vaccination group, 41 in the group without prophylaxis, and 57 in non-treated subjects. Part 2 of the study had a similar protocol with 65 very high-risk cardiovascular subjects, all of whom had prophylaxis. The incidence of complications and hospital admission was higher in the group that received only a vaccination compared with the colostrum groups. Colostrum, both in healthy subjects and high-risk cardiovascular patients.

How does Colostrum Max improve the Immune Function?

Even though flu season comes once a year, viruses are continually looking for the right opportunity to find a host and replicate themselves. Their quest for survival is what causes us harm and misery. Furthermore, colds (virus-caused) can be lurking year-round, just waiting for a compromised immune system to invade.

Unlike many OTC medications, Colostrum Max contains many powerful components that have been shown to support improved immune function.  These components include :

Immunoglobulins : Also known as ‘antibodies’, immunoglobulins are present in the immune system. They recognise bacteria and viruses and work to eliminate such problems immediately.

Lactoferrin : It is a protein commonly found in cow and human mil. It has been shown to help safeguard the immune system agains bacterial infection as well as regulate the absorption of iron in the intestine and administer iron to the cells.

Proline-Rich Polypeptides (PRPs) : These enable the immune system to combat chronic viral and bacterial infections. They also have been shown to help minimise the effects of allergies, chemical sensitivity and auto-immune responses. In addition, PRP’s stimulate the creation of natural killer cells that eliminate pathogens.

Colostrum MAX is a unique dietary supplement in gastro-resistant DRcaps™, to ensure that the active substance reaches the small intestine, where it is absorbed for guaranteed effectiveness.

Each capsule has a high amount (410 mg) of pure colostrum bovinum that contains over 40% of immunoglobulins G (IgG).

Recommended Dose :
Adults: 1-2 capsules per day.Do not exceed maximum dose of 8 capsules per day.

Children from 3-12 years: 1 capsule per day.

This dietary supplement cannot be used as a substitute for a varied diet. A healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet are recommended.

Warnings: Do not use if allergic to any of the ingredients. Consult a healthcare professional before using during pregnancy.